Surface 12,6 sqkm- Height 924 mt

During the first part of our trip, we will sail along Lipari coast, the castle, Monterosa capo bianco (pumice quarries) and then go towards Panarea to admire the breathless beauty of its small bays and islets : Dattilo and  Lisca Bianca. Passed the islet of Basiluzzo, we will face the magnificent Stromboli. The mythical volcano, in perennial activity, is about  920 mt over the sea level, and is for this called the lighthouse of the Mediterranean. The cobalt colored waters, the almost perfect cone, the lava black slopes, and the smokes offer a unique show.  Especially at sunset when contrasted with the white color of the villages built in aeolian style on the rock slipping slowly to the sea. During the stop, you could wander in the village of Scari caracterised by its narrow streets and numerous typical shops.  In the evening, we will sail along the north part of the island. You could enjoy the sunset between Strombolicchio and the villages of Ficogrande and Piscitą. We will stop under the "Sciara del Fuoco" to admire the natural phenomenon of the pyroclastic explosions  and the village of Ginostra.


Lipari Surface  37,6 sqkm - Height 592,5 mt

Salina Surface  26,55 sqkm - Height 946,5 mt

Leaving at our back the rada of Marina Lunga, we will sail along Monterosa, The Canneto bay, the white beaches, the pumice quarries where we will stop for a first swim. Then, on your left, you could see the small village of Acquacalda, and in front of us the island of Salina, beginning our tour from Capo Faro, we will see the "torricella" and its perpendicular wall made of numerous homogenus stratifications that testify its geological stages. More ahead, the small village of Malfa (its name comes from a group from Amalfi who settled there in the ancient times following the order of pope Urban II) we will see the arch called "il Perciato". We will stop for a swim in the magnificent bay of Pollara made up of the caldera of an exploded cratere which half sunk under the sea level. We will spot at Rinella for another swim. Hugging the small lake, we will go towards Santa Marina, one of the most famous village of the island, there you could have a lunch and go shopping. Then, we will head to the east coast of Lipari, and its small bays where we will stop for a swim. The view of the Angels cave and Lipari's faraglioni will mean the conclusion of our trip.




Alicudi Surface  5,18 sqkm - Height  665,5 mt

 Filicudi Surface e 9,71 sqkm - Height 762 mt


Leaving behind us the east part of Lipari, we could admire the indented coast of Vulcanello and the stacks, Pietra Lunga and Pietra Menalda. We''ll head our route towards the island of Alicudi. Just arrived, we will notice the tiny port and its small aeolian styled houses spread out on the slopes of the island. No pollution here, neither environmental nor acoustic, in fact, as you could see the streets are made of steps and the only mean of transport is the monkey. The waters are a so clean and crystal clear blu that it invites to dive. Setting out from Alicudi, we will sail round the island  before heading towards the stack called La Canna and then the cave of the "Bue Marino" at Filicudi where we will stop for a swim. Going on sailing along the island, we will pass by the villages of Pecorini and Capo Graziano where have been discovered the remains of a prehistoric village. We will stop at the port to allow you the visits of both the neolithic village and of the small town.



Surface  3,2 sqkm -  Height 413 mt

To begin our trip, we will sail along Marina Lunga, Monterosa, Canneto, the white beaches and the pumice quarries, and have a beautiful dive in the turquoise waters. Then, we will head towards the island of Panarea, and enter Cala Junco, a natural bay overhung by a promontory where have been brought to light the remains of a village from the Bronze Age. We will stop there for a swim and then sail to a bay called baia dell'Asino, with a white sand beach where we will stop for another swim. Sailing along the island, we will see: the village of  Drautto, with its typically aeolina constructions, the islets,, Lisca Bianca,  Lisca nera, Bottaro, le Formiche and Basiluzzo with its basaltic columns. Possibility to have another swim. We will stop at the village of San Pietro to visit it. Then, we will sail along the north part of the island. there we could admire the ancient stack called "Pietra Nave".



Surface  20,72 sqkm- Height  391,1 mt

The sacred island the God Hephaestus, was considered the anteroom of the afterlife, to testify  it are all the tombs found in the height that faces the volcano used by the ancient populations settled  in the islands. It was their wish to be buried near the God of the fire. Leaving the port of Levante, we find Vulcanello, young earth, its origin is documented around to the 183 b.c., joined to Volcano island by an istmo of sand. Going beyond the crater falled in the sea, we will notice the Monster Valley which stones from vulcanic origin have assumed monstrous shapes due to the action of the atmospheric agents. We will see the stacks of Lipari, Pietra Lunga and Pietra Menalda, the typical figure of Pope Giovanni and the cove of the Angels. More ahead, on our left is the black sands' bay. Small Creek, Large Creek  take us to the Venus swimming pool , where we could admire the magnificence of the cove of the Horse surrounded by basaltic walls and characterised by its cobalt blue depth. We will  then sail along the overhanging wall of the long beach, going beyond the cove of the Abbot towards Gelso, where we will stop at the beach "dell'Asino" for a refreshing swim. Then, we will head to the small creeks of the east coast and Valle Roya, where we could photograph the statue of the little mermaid. 

We will leave to Stromboli in the early afternoon, to the port of Scari, where will be waiting for us the Vulcanological guides from the Sicily Region Alping guide Council. The climbing to the craters will begin at around 6.00 pm. The walk lasts about 3 hours before you can enjoy the emotional shows of the volcano's pyroclastical explosions. You will be down in time to take back the motorship.


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